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Posted by Gaston Laugé

Terra Group

Terra GroupTerra Group formed in 2001, with the ambition to evolve the Miami landscape and the lives of the people within it. Terra Group’s founder, Pedro Martin, has spent his entire professional life in South Florida, subsequently recognizing the opportunity to enrich and invigorate Miami by creating truly original, exceptional spaces in unexpected places.

With an in-house team of the very best people in their field – architects, builders, lawyers, designers – the firm have quickly gained a reputation for creating highly original, high-end residential, commercial and mixed-used projects.

Rene Gonzalez

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Rene Gonzalez his taste of subtle contemporary details and the way he intentionally blurs the boundaries between the man-made and the natural landscape.

His unique approach has certainly not gone unnoticed by his peers: he’s the only Miami architect to receive a National American Institute of Architecture Design Award in the last 10 years for a project in South Florida. He is also the first architect in 50 years to be twice honored for Miami projects.